Our Objective – Your Success!      We provide consultancy and interim management to support your business through product innovation, process optimisation, business extension and coaching generating sustainable growth and profit improvement.
specialised in the food, beverage, flavour and pharma ingredients industry
an alliance of experts active in a wide range of complementary disciplines
new business development market analysis sales & marketing support new market entry
flavour development ingredient application product innovation product line extension
project management restructuring and change management interim management 
quality system management quality control hygiene management audits and reviews
value chain analysis and cost optimisation process optimisation in all departments
individual training tutoring & mentoring, coaching of individuals and groups
working with dedicated partners acting in the interest of its customers
Steffen Sonnenberg PhD in Organic Chemistry Management & Business Administration management, sales & marketing, production, application, innovation tel.: +49 1578 933 42 14 steffen.sonnenberg(at) more information
Markus Stark PhD in Organic Chemistry Flavourist flavour creation, bussiness development, innovation, application, production tel.: +49 179 384 01 52 markus.stark(at) more information
Paolo Arienti Master's degree in Economics & Commerce Management & Business Administration management, sales & marketing, customer care, business development tel.: +39 373 8020 800 paolo.arienti(at) more information
Pavlos Pavlou Master’s degree in Biology Quality Systems Auditor quality, hygiene, innovation, auditing tel.: +357 99 525504 pavlos.pavlou(at) more information
Taru Karikoski Management Professional Advanced Strategic Manager management, subsidiary establishment, innovation markets, coaching, mentoring    tel.: +358 500 605837 taru.karikoski(at) more information
Corinna Schleier Master's degree in Business Administration Systemic Business Coach, Trainer human resources management, organizational development, business coaching, training tel.: +49 172 637 66 73 corinna.schleier(at) more information
Food Consulting Network      delivers personal and individual consulting with tailor-made concepts and  future-oriented solutions – from the first idea to the final execution. Services Approach we act as partners and  mentors Expertise All fcn members are experienced managers in their fields. Summing up more than 100 years  of industry experiences, we combine profound know how throughout the entire value chain.  In extension to the in-house knowledge, fcn covers the need of all departments through  external specialists focusing on specific topics. implementing  tailor-made  methods and  systems optimising  each phase  of the product  life cycle creating value  and  sustainable  growth operating with  a holistic  approach
Contacts & Locations Cyprus Pavlos Pavlou, 12 Melpomenis Street, Louvaras Court, App 201, 3083 Lemesos tel. +357 99 525504   pavlos.pavlou(at) Finland Taru Karikoski, Luuvaniementie 8 A 6, 00350 Helsinki tel.: +358 500 605837   taru.karikoski(at) Germany Corinna Schleier, Leuchtenburger Str. 6, 28759 Bremen tel.: +49 172 637 66 73   corinna.schleier(at] Dr. Markus Stark, Bernhard-Goering-Str. 112, 04275 Leipzig tel.: +49 179 384 01 52   markus.stark(at) Dr. Steffen Sonnenberg, Zoebigkerstr. 113, 04416 Markkleeberg tel.: +49 1578 933 42 14   steffen.sonnenberg(at) Dr. Nico N. Raczek, Zweigstrasse 4,  82194 Gröbenzell tel.: +49 160 90 16 52 06  nico.raczek(at) Dr.Ing Hermann Meng, Fichtenstr. 7, 86609 Donauwoerth tel.: +49 1520 377 13 98 hermann.meng(at) Heiko Schmidt, Moltkestrasse 59, 33790 Halle (Westf.) tel.: +49 1511 720 41 64 Italy Paolo Arienti, Via Vallazze 3, 20131 Milan tel.: +39 373 8020 800   paolo.arienti(at) Alfredo Pimper, Via Alessandrini 15, 42018 San Martino in Rio tel.: +39 333 2138 723 alfredo.pimper(at)
Customers     Our customers are small start ups and medium to large companies  active in the areas of sweet, confectionary, savoury, dairy, bakery, beverage,  dietary specialities, functional ingredients, food supplements, feed and pharmaceuticals.
Nico N. Raczek PhD and registered Food Chemist Global Regulatory and Team Change agent Global regulatory/application expertise International regulatory strategies, change management, building virtual teams Tel.: +49 160 90 16 52 06 nico.raczek(at) more information
advocacy representation legal support anti-corruption training
supply chain support purchasing and strategic procurement support cross cultural leadership
patent and regulatory product strategies global regulatory trends engineering
Hermann Meng PhD in Chemical Engineering Food Science & Technology  food safety, quality management system, auditing support, engineering Tel.: +49 1520 377 13 98 hermann.meng(at) more information
Heiko Schmidt Master’s degree in Economics and Management Systemic Business Coach management, sales & marketing, business development, product management, coaching & mentoring tel.: +49 1511 720 41 64 more information
an international alliance of experts creating value for your business
The Food Consulting Network is proud to welcome M.Sc. Biological Chemistry Alfredo Pimper as a new member.  Alfredo is known as an expert in providing professional expertise as consultant or interim expert manager for biscuit production starting at the wheat in the field through flour milling and in line production. He concentrates on cost optimization, buying strategy and choice of cereal suppliers.
Hermann Meng Master’s degree in Biological Chemistry Biscuit consultant from grain to oven. Sustainable production of cereals; milling the more adapted flours; forming and baking the best biscuits Tel.: +39 333 2138 723 alfredo.pimper(at) more information
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